adds in ansys or abaqus into solidworks?

which FEA is better,ansys or abaqus or Cosmos works??can i add abaqus into solidworks??i hear that if you export abaqus or ansys file into solidworks they have problem in answer but for cosmos because its in solidworks area we dont have this problem??

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There is option in ansys to link it to different CAD sofwares, chose slidworks in that list.
Ansys will automatically appear as a toolbar in solidworks now.

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Good afternoon,

Both software specified by you, after installation will have an icon in toolbar of SW. More than that, you will have possibility to change your CAD model based on FEM results without change your CAD. Also, this possibility is very useful and work great in parametric study.
I tell you this referring in special to ANSYS, because I use only ANSYS, but I am sure that ABAQUS and other FEA software offer this advantage. Try it.

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