Advance for Challnges?

Do you see necessary that those who want to hire a challenge put into GrabCad an advance?
With things that are happening lately, I think so. At least, leave 50% of all the rewards promised to distribute at least in those designated in such cases after winning 50%.
A week ago, a guy too promised money by drawing a plane:
Pipistrel virus sw 80
I was working all night, with plenty of changes that the me was making progress and difrentes wing designs, so that has now disappeared and I have not to know nothing of him.
May be a great problem to continue working with this type of negligible persons.
I wait your opinions, friends.

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I remember that request Carcoma and how big a challenge it was to do it in so little time. I got an E-mail from him and I know a few others did also saying he would pay to have the model done. This is terrible that you done so much work and after he said he would pay for the model first. I think the only way around this is to get the money up front in the future paid in to pay pal or @ least some kind of deposit for the hours you will spend modelling something for some one. After you have finished the model send them a simple render to show you have completed the job and after and only after they pay the remaining balance then they should get there model. I am sorry to here that you still have not been paid for this job.


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I too have had a similar issue. I made a complete model for this request
I let him know i had finished the model a few days later and he gave me the "i'll pay you next week" story. He wanted to purchase the actual part to check my dimensions and when he got his part he said "so sorry, I can't afford to pay you now". Luckily i didn't send him the files first, and my fault for not taking a deposit, but it was still a bunch of work for a useless GrabCAD member.

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