After a week or so of trying to get WorkBench to work, I give up.

The latest issue is I get an error saying a previous mapping already exists.......(See the image I uploaded for full message).

Other issues:
It crashes when trying to upload folders to manual connected projects. Folders have only a couple of text documents in them, not like they are huge.

Also, when I set up a manual project, it still creates duplicate files in the grabcad folder, despite choosing create manual connection and link to existing folder. Cant have 2 files, thats rule #1 with PDM.

Another issue: When I try to close the desktop client I get the GrabCad window with the green bar stuck about halfway saying Exiting Workbench...but it never exist..

For the record, I am trying to run this on a really good system, A dell precision workstation, fairly brand new with 32g of ram. THis machine screams with all other software so it's certainly not an issue on my end.

I tried, I am so exhausted from trying actually, that an no longer interested in the product.

Its unfortunate, it looked like a nice idea.

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