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All configurations change together in solidworks

By farzad on 20 Apr 08:24 1 answer 5 comments

I have a part designed parametrical ( the dimensions of the part are a function of the diameter of a hole in this part) so whenever I change the diameter of the hole, the other dimensions of the part should change. On this basis I wanted to create configuration. But every time I create a new conf. And change the diameter, I see also the other configurations change to that new diameter and all the confgs. Are the same. What could be the probable cause?

1 answer

  • Robert H.
    Robert H. over 1 year ago

    A dimension will change globally until linked to a configuration(s). Try right clicking the diameter dimension and select 'configure dimension'. You should then be able to use the table that pops up to assign the diameter you want to each configuration.

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