Alternatives on patenting a mechanism?


I have designed a mechanical lock that avoids common lockpicking methods.
After studying all patents related to locks I've found none like mine.

What do you advise me to do?

I have a working 3D CAD model and simulation.

Patenting the lock is expensive and I don't know if aftwerwards someone would be interested.

I could try to sell the idea to an important lock maker.
They might want to see the model first. In that case, I am afraid they could reject it and then make it slightly modified.

I could try to physically build it myself and show the real model to prove that it is difficult to lockpick, hidding its internals. That would also be difficult or expensive though.


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3 Answers

You can choose to discuss your idea with a major lock company if you have them sign a Non Disclosure Agreement. This is a legally binding document signed by whomever you discuss your design with which states they will not try to do anything with the information you give them.

You can also file for a "provisional patent" which is very inexpensive and good for one year while you try to sell or manufacture your design.

Good luck!

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Patenting is your only solution.
This is the only way to ensure that your lock will not be copied. Then you can sell the patent.

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When an idea is not legally bound, such as a patent, any and all people can use it. So I would seriously consider getting a patent. Also I don't believe you can patent an Idea so you would have to make a working version.

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