AMD 6100 CPU and PNY Quadro 600 Graphic card. Can i use them together?

Hello friends. I have a computer.
Motherboard : Asrock 990 FX Extreme3
CPU : AMD 6100 3.3 Ghz
Graphic Card : Asus Radeon 1GB HD770 GDDR5
And RAM : 8 GB

I want to change my graphic card with PNY Quadro 600 Because i cant use Autodesk Inventor 2014 shade and render options on my computer. Did you ever see that around? Is it working together or need i change my GPU and motherboard . Ty for answers .

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3 Answers

Should work fine.
But a PNY Quadro 600 is not a huge step-up from the radeon though

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For a home enviroment, a gamingcard will work fine, and are ussualy allot cheaper for the same performance.
For a working enviroment they use a quadrocard because they are a bit more reliable. but you'll probably never encounter any problems with a gamingcard

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Hello Steendelaar. Yes It souldnt work fine i guess.

I asked that question in Autodesk forum. And they back to me and they give to me advice about it .

I will change graphic card ASUS RX460 and new SSD.

Ty for comment.

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