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Analysis of Crane

By yy yyyy on 14 Apr 20:27 3 answers 361 views 0 comments

Hey im kinda new in solidworks and i have a project to make a Gantry
length 6000mm and height 4000mm thats support 5 tons as concentrated load in middle of it i have no clue what beam i should use so the structure can be safe :s so what i need is an exemple step by step how to use a solidworks simulation to know what kind of beams will do the job
thx alot for you answers
the crane i have to make look like that one in the folowing picture

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3 answers

  • yy yyyy
    yy yyyy 5 months ago

    Ty for your answer ill try it now

  • yy yyyy
    yy yyyy 5 months ago

    Ty alot for this book will take time to read and understand but its really helpful and well explained :)

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