animate spring in solidworks 2016

how can i draw or command a twist along path in solid works 2016 .
am trying to animate a spring in such a way .

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If I correctly understand what you're asking, springs are usually made with 'sweep' features by driving the cross section of the spring (wire diameter, most often) along a helical path created with the 'helix and spiral' feature.

If you use the 'height and revolution' option when setting up the helix, you should be able to create configurations of the spring that represent the spring at different heights such as free state and install height.

To me the trickiest part about modeling springs are getting the ends right, so you may notice the same difficulties.

As far as actually 'animating' the spring, as in showing it dynamically stretching and/or compressing, well, that's outside of my experience and I don't have any advice for that.

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thanks for your support , just how i can get the twist along path in 2016 .

i cant find the option .

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I'm on 2016 too, and it seems to be right there in the 'options' dialogue.


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i got the answer , thanks for all ,

already done .

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