Animation of motor wire winding machine

I am a graduate student and now I still try to make an animation for my project using Solidwork.
I will make an animation that shows how a motor wire winding machine works. I am still confused
how to make the animation of that machine winding the wire in the motor. So the process is like this: there are two parts, stator and rotating part. The rotating part will rotate about the stator while it winds the wire at the stator.
Do you think that I could use Solidwork to make that animation? If so, please give me advice how to make it, especially make the wire wound at the stator.

Thank you very much.

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Hi Yuhanes,
Accordion my experiences it unable to animate wounding of wire on solidworks. You must use another software to animate it. But i have seen "" solidworks animation like your requirement. Maybe animates using another software. If anyone know what is this animation software place inform us.

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