Annoying background image that shows up as a reflection during rendering in catia V5.

After I have made a 3D Catia model and applied the materials how do I switch of the annoying background image that automatically shows up as a reflection.
It is a building with vans parked outside and it ruins any attempt to render a model.

Is there an option switch, I have searched everwhere but have not found anything.

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Dont use CATIA for rendering, the renders are not realy good. Use some other softwares, I use KeyShot. It is good and easy to use.

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The way to switch of the annoying hiden reflection in the material is as follows.
1. Open the Real Time Rendering
2. Click on the Change Reflection Image (looks a bit like a zen circle)
3. Change image or set to default.

Thanks guys for your suggestions they made me think outside of the box.

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hi caddy your solution to the problem just lies with simple clicks please follow these simple steps

Answered with a tutorial:

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Yes I am afraid it is.
That was a super tip and I have set the background behind the model at default.
But, the "reflection is still there in any metallic shiny surface. It does not matter which material I assign to the model its always there on the model itself.
Have you any more tips ?, they are all gratefully received.

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