Another on going project for GrabCAD

It would be nice to have another project for GrabCAD's community just like the one Scott Bruins has got with the Rube Goldberg experiment.

If you don't know what the Rube Goldberg Experiment is have a look @ Rube Goldberg Experiment

or better still join in :)))))

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What about something with a lot of indervidual parts. People could nominate what parts they would like to do and at the end everyone has them all and we would see if it all went together. If someone had plans / blueprints for a real engine (V8 min) or a model steam train in about 5 1/2" scale or the alike?

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How about a community effort to create DIY manufacturing solutions. for instance i just built a vaccumforming machine. sorry didn't make a model yet just a few sketches an built it.

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