Any Android free app regarding cad works somewhat similarly like pro e ?

Please suggest me .
Any app which will have all or less features of cad design..

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2 Answers

You've really limited your options.
Free CAD programs are pretty awful, and an Android based app further limits the pool.

Does Google Sketchup work on a tablet/phone? It may be an option. I don't think you'll find anything similar to ProE on Android in the near future. Maybe a CAD viewer, but not a CAD program that will create complex/detailed models.

Give us an idea of what sort of models you hope/plan to build with a free Android app, and maybe someone will have a better suggestion.

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Viewers are available for mobile platforms, but the viewers are often limited to certain file formats.
What format are your files in?
The eDrawing viewer is pretty good. I'd start there if it supports the file types you are working with.

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