Any clever Ideas to Detail These Badminton "Feathers" in SolidWorks?

Solidworks 2016 part and a step model are attached with a screenshot. I can open 2017 files too.

A birdie, or shuttlecock was recently uploaded in the library, It was sort of broken, but looked like an interesting model, so I started to "fix" it.
Now I'd like to add some "ribs" on the face of the feather to give it some additional detail, but the model faces are at slight angles, and getting the "ribs" to taper away nicely and evenly has not been easy.

I know I can sketch in a few dozen paths and solve this with a bunch or individual sweeps, but that sounds too much like work.

Maybe you have a clever idea for adding in a bunch of features that taper down towards the split line? They don't need to land exactly on the line, a little over or under is fine. My model misses the mark on most of the "ribs" though (see screenshot)

The original model is here: shuttle

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Thanks for the ideas.
I decided to use the age old practice of making a different shape instead of the more difficult option I was thinking of. I'll upload the model in the library if anyone wants to review it.
Badminton Birdie (Shuttlecock)

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