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Any Good Books on Hydraulic Calculations?

By w.wolf on 08 May 08:32 1 answer 1 comment

Hello everyone,
My line of work is to deal with all types of centrifugal pumps; HVAC system pumps, firefighting, booster/transfer, dosing ... etc. You name it.

The more I know, the better.
My knowledge base is pretty good when it comes to pumps but I would like to expand it and have ref. books.

So does anyone have links or files for e-books I can download for free that talks about Hydraulic calculations, UL/FM firefighting pumps, NFPA standards, Electric motors ... etc?

Very much appreciated.

1 answer

  • William
    William over 4 years ago

    Hey Mr Wolf, did you look in the PDF's I have uploaded?
    I am sure there is some Hydraulics stuff in there m8

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