any help for doing pocket opperation for an arc ??

i want to make pocket for my design but i found a problem cause with the sketch that i choosed doesn't make the operation because the area is inclined ..

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make close sketch on a parallel plan taken above from modal
project it on face from surface work bench
apply pocket operation on projected profile
Try it

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make sketch closed. or select thick option in pocket window.

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you need loop for every basic level sketch to create pad and pocket.

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Here is the example for 2 type pocket.

First one is closed sketch and second one is open sketch.

Answered with a tutorial:

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step 1: Selected the pocket option
step 2: Selected the sketch
Step 3:Go to the "Direction" in pocket option and deselected "Normal to the profile"
Step 4: Now go to "Reference" in the same option and select inclined profile
Step 5: O.K. it

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