Any Ideas as to why still haveing issues with downloading?

I still am haveing issue with down loading files from this site! Anyone else haveing issues as well?
I click on download option under image after I have selected the type of file to save, and then at times I get HTML or similar type junk! Why?

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Are you getting a text page?
If you are save as a .step or .igs file type

Then import or open with your software

Let me know if this helps

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I see this as well with step or igs files
What you are seeing is the text from the isg or step file
in IE file-save as step or igs file type
This does work

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If my method works please click it worked icon

others will then understand work around until fixed

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What browser are you using? Some are more compatible with the site than others.

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The browser I am useing is Internet Explorer 9
the operating system is windows 7 pro
my system is a quad core xeon with 16gb of ram

I get this not only on step files or igs, but i also get it with dwg's as well as .rar and .zip files as well as solidworks files, if it was a canstant thing, i might understand, but it is once in 7 to 20 tries as far as downloads go.

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Could you point out some specific files which you have problems downloding?

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again still have issues with download of step/iges files
I have included a file of snap shot taken of what i get when i try to down load.
NOTE: what is in the attached file is a common things for me, from this web sight.

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Hi car,

Are you still seeing this? For me, on Windows 7 in IE9, that file now goes straight to download. We fixed an issue with file header metadata that was causing the browser to attempt to open the file in the browser.

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Yes, but I have been doing what was recommended, as in right click and save as. (Which I should not have to do.)
Will be monitoring to see if the issue has been fixed though.

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