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Any one have 2d drwaings for practicce?

By Tukaram Suryawanshi on 19 Feb 13:08 12 answers 2 comments

I am using solidwork software. but i dont have 2d drawings for practice please give me 2d drawing or online website to download. by using 2d drawing i will increase my Imagination capacity & GD & T knowledge Please give me any source . Thanks

12 answers

  • Sasha Vlad
    Sasha Vlad almost 4 years ago

    Very simple. Download any 3D model you like from GrabCad. Open it in SolidWorks, then click File/Make Drawing from File or Assembly. Enjoy.

  • Tukaram Suryawanshi
    Tukaram Suryawanshi almost 4 years ago

    but still i am on learning base. By this I cant understand GD and T knowledge also i cant increase my imagination power

  • Nitin bhusale
    Nitin bhusale almost 4 years ago

    get the engineering drawing book by N. D. Bhatt ,you will get lots of 2d drawing for practice.

  • Tukaram Suryawanshi
    Tukaram Suryawanshi almost 4 years ago

    Not only 2D drawing I want assembly drawing. I used that book.

    AJITH RAJA almost 2 years ago

    i need orthographic projections of assembly practise examples

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