Any SolidWorks users in this group? Developing an add-in for SolidWorks. Want to give it a try?

An advanced CAD software like SolidWorks is no longer simply a drafting tool. You can do engineering simulations, design optimization for additive manufacturing and 3D Printing, generative designs, motion study, FEA, and even costing and estimation in addition to standard 3D design. In addition, very often you need to use data and specs from third party vendors who might be using a different unit system than you. It can often involve complex calculations where built in unit conversion in a CAD application might just not be enough.

That is why I started developing Enverter. Enverter for SolidWorks Add-in is an unit converter specifically tailored to address engineering conversions with over 4300 unit conversions available in more than 20 different categories. It allows you to do unit conversions right within SolidWorks without having to leave the application.

A typical use case: We all know SolidWorks has some built -in unit conversion capabilities but sometimes its not the easiest to use. Let's say your document is set to use metric units and you get moment of inertia in kg-square millimeters from SolidWorks. Now you need to quickly know how much it is in PSi since a third party vendor has provided data in imperial system. Now instead of changing entire documents settings to imperial to get the value in imperial and then going back to preferences dialog and changing unit back to metric, you can quickly get that value through Enverter right in the task pane very handily.

If this is something you think might be useful to you, please provide your contact info here so that I can email you the link to download the add-in for you to try:

Thank you!

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STEP file format has richer information in it which can be used to generate CAD file out of it in certain cases. It won't always work but its better than IGS.

Most CAD files will allow you to save as STEP and IGS. If you could save file as STEP, then in SolidWorks you can try this:

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