Any suggestions for such a desktop computer that could run SW?

I am looking into getting a new desktop computer that I'd like to load Solidworks onto. Preferably run by Windows. I need suggestions for such a desktop that could run SW. BUT... theres always a but, I need it to be in a fairly low price range. $300 or lower if at all possible. Any Suggestions for such a computer?

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At $300 you will need to compromise with lot of things. I can suggest you to have Core 2, HDD (As Cheap as possible). There is other choice for you to get a used PC. Compromising with price with performance. :/ Not a good choice.

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I seriously doubt you can get a completely new PC for 300$ and expect to perform with SW. A second hand one, maybe... Well, actually an older machine can run SW, but don't expect miracles and it will work as long as you don't push it with demanding HQ renders and massive assemblies. Look at least at Intel I3 dual core CPU based rig. Anything less will not work to your satisfaction. With that budget limit, don't expect to get a workstation GPU...
Pick a bit smaller, but faster HDD (say, 500G @ 7200RPM) and be sure you have at least 4G of DDR3 RAM (actually cheaper than the older types), maybe an integrated GPU on the MB where you can share at least 512MB of memory until you get enough funds to upgrade to a proper GPU and that's it.
It will work fine, just keep the system optimized, clean and don't expect miracles. Good luck!

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Yes I would say you need at least 600$ for a nice computer to work with solidworks. Keep in mind this would be building it yourself and not buying a manufactured HP or something.

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I've seen a similar question from another user. Id think about eBay and a used hp xw6400 or Dell precision 490, dual Xeon 5160 CPU's and an nvidia quadro fx3500 graphics card. I have the hp with 6gb memory and find it performs well on small to medium sized models with inventor.

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