Anybody sat the surface modeling exam for solidworks?

just looking for advice im keen for buying the solidworks certification exam for surface modeling but wanted to get some advice currently all my surfacing skills have been self taught through modeling cars but would this be enough experience combined with a general knowledge of solidworks functionality to be able to pass it first time?

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I have not sat the exam but in school they offered a few "Practice exams"

While they may not be the exact same models/parts needed to use on the test, I do believe that the practice exams were a good indication of what would be expected. I also did see all your projects and previous posts and believe you do have the skills needed to pass the test, however there are a few other factors that could come into play such as time and efficiency of using the various tools required.

I browsed around and did find this short little list of ideas:

"Go through the list of the examen:

If something looks like a killer to you, play a while with that category before taking the test.

I got a few tips from around the different solidworks sites:

1 - Understand how to use and change linked dimensions.

2 - Understand how to draw in-context parts, and how to locate errors associated with in-context parts.

3 - read the whole exam first! Questions might be linked some way or another.

4 - Pay attention to the value of the points.

5 - Keep an eye on construction lines and relations symbols.

6 - Hotkeys -> If you don't use em, start doing so. Timesavers.

7 - Once the test starts you can't pause it so:
Have a drink or two ready
Make sure you are not disturbed
Go to the bathroom before starting

8 - Organize your screen. Don't flip through 5 pages by CTRL+TAB.

9 - Save a copy of the part at every question (If SW crashes you are not completely screwed)

10 - Make sure that CTRL and S is working on your current keyboard!

11 - You might want to change your backup options before starting the test. maybe to a secluded folder. Also you might want to change your auto save options.

Everything helps."

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