Anyone can give some difficult parts drawing PDF to design in SOLIDWORK, UG NX and AutoCAD ?

I am practice during this lockdown. So please send me drawing so i can increase my drawing skills.

Please send.

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This one does not look difficult at all, but I've never been able to get the model built to the dimensions shown. Give it a try, see what you get.

The problem area for me is where the 19mm radius intersects with the rest of the model near the R5 fillet. I can make it work by changing the 70mm value to be 75mm or so, but at the shown dimensions, the model does not work (for me)

All dimensions per (Original.png) drawing, modeled with SW2019.
Part1a.step, SW Standard 5mm Radius.
Part1b1.step, 5mm Radius done with SW surfacing.
Basic SW Radii are on (Part1a) are probably not what you would send out for production.
Making the R19 & R8 smaller by 5mm or so, would help improve the geometry at the R5 junction without changing the 70mm dimension.

I have sorted some models especially for you.
The models below looks difficult but can be designed using simple methods.
Remember when you try to design these models make sure that your sketch is fully constrained.And try to complete these models in as many less steps as possible,
Don't compromise with the dimensions which are not given just try to calculate the missing dimensions.
Hope, I answer your question. Do leave a like if you found this useful. And if possible send me the models after completion.

Any of the "Model Mania" stuff SolidWorks has done over the years is good, though some are more challenging than others. I've used the 2009 model as an assessment for a while now.

Anything with wrapped geometry/features tends to throw people for a bit of a loop as well.

Added some 'build from images' stuff for surface modeling challenges.

How about making a model without a drawing?

I thought this was pretty challenging: Knight Plaque Emblem

Maybe you can try this one, all dimensions was there.