Anyone has a CAD-model for the dji phantom 9443 props?


as my title already suggests I'm trying to find a 3d model for the standard 9" props of the phantom 2. There are many 3rd party props which are exactly the same, so I guess that there has to be a 3d model for these props somewhere.

Do you have any idea where to find it? (I already emailed dji with no luck.)



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any news??
I am looking for the same thing
and actually every part of phantom.

I have started a project with fusion360
the main and first goal is to make a foam insert for my SKB case
custom designed to my needs
when I finish I want to model every part of my rig for further needs.

I intend to make this public community project, so everybody can contribute his part and use it as he wish.

if you want to join let me know.

I will be ready to publish my first files in 2 weeks more or less.
and you have the props please do share :)

can you share what type of project are you working on ?
foam insert, custom parts, print props, just for fun, ?

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