Anyone to explain how 'GrabCAD score' works?

Anyone to explain how 'GrabCAD score' works? I noticed the ranking feature in GrabCAD is replaced with a scoring. Anyone out there to explain how to improve my score?

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Your first download of a model will give you +3 points.
Your first like of someone’s model is another +5 points.
Follow your first engineer to receive +10 points.
Leave your first comment to a model, question, tutorial or anything to add another +15 points.
Your first upload of a model gives a big jump of +40 points!
Your first question you ask gives you +5 points.
Your first answer on anyone’s question gives you another +10 points.
Your first tutorial is a great way to give back to the community and gives you +20 points!
Then it gets more challenging. To continue increasing your GrabCAD Score, you need to add quality contributions to the community and get positive feedback from your peers.

You receive points when someone likes your model.
You receive points when someone says, ‘It worked’ in Q&A and Tutorials.

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Still there isn't an official explanation but from what I have managed to figure out myself you get points for uploading models, people liking and downloading your models, people upvoting your answers in Q&A, getting followers etc.

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Very nice. I believe that this scoring system will drive engineers/designers to upload more quality work. And finally we have a lot of changes in the ranking system, just proving that the previous system was a big pile of crap.

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U also get points for adding an extra format to a persons model and also for uploading a rendering for a persons model, not really sure what they are up to with this new system, but it seems better than the old one

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You get points when upload any model and liked by others but there is no explanation or use of points.

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