Applying fixtures to Pin in double shear?

A cylindrical jackstand, with a cylinder adjustable rod inside - held to place by a pin.
I am treating this as double shear, however i am having trouble applying the appropriate fixtures.

I have applied the force on either side to only the top portion. When i apply the fixture restaint on the opposing side to - half - it yields Von mises stress of 1044 MPA... the yielding of the steel pin is 714MPA..
However, when i place fixture around entire pin, the max von mises becomes 680MPa

Two assumptions that affect my results:
1 - the pin is tight fitting, in which restraint can be fixed around whole surface - and shear is the only issue

2- "loose fitting", which means pin bending will be taken into consideration, and will yield higher stress.

I am assuming option 2.

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2 Answers

here is the basic foundation. I am not sure how to treat this.

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I simply just want to know the correct way to set the boundary conditions, how do i set some sort of radial constraint?
I am having trouble with the fixtures - since the pin is going to bend and lift of the bottom interface.
Surely someone can point me in the right direction?

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