Are our models being stolen?

I want to know what is with this website, it seems to be taking many of our models from GrabCAD and selling them......

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No, they downloaded them freely with our permission so we can get a higher rank here on Grabcad.
Don’t be so sad :( , I think its a compliment in Chinese culture.
There is a bright side, if you do not win a 3D printed version of your model from the challenges you may someday be able to purchase one as a toy in a local retail store.

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Looks like they are stealing our models!

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Now this is horrible... Grabcad should take some action against such practices.

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I think Chris said it all with his great comment guy's

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They don’t exactly play with the same code of conduct. Lets say they don’t play fair.
Not just here with our little models but product from huge companies and possibly your employer. The only way I found to feel better about this situation is I try my best not to buy anything from China. Its not easy because its everywhere, but if you pay attention to the labels (when it is labeled, sometimes it will only say “distributed by XX “ company) you can choose another product that’s not from China. Just last week I got a couple of shirts after putting some back that had the China label on it and got the two that said Indonesia. I’m ok with anywhere else but China really. Even food, really look.

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All mine good models are there, I can say that is a china-grabcad copy...

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WTF? I guess I shouldn't be surprised but still.... they could have at least done their own renderings so they don't look like exact copies. Can anyone here translate and send them a email?

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It does look like a Grabcad rip off, pretty low I say, don't know what can be done about it.
They could at least had the decency to mention the designers name with the model.

Google translate does a pretty decent job in translation if anyone else is interested.

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I've narrowed it down to these GrabCad members pqcj and mod who have their names on the models in question.

Maybe a few private messages would help ;)

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