Are there huge differences between solidworks 2010 & 2016?

1) Are there huge differences between solidworks 2010 & 2016?
2) If I learn solidworks 2010 (with a book), can i work with the 2016 version without fuss?
3) Is 2010 version still relevant?
4) Does solidworks 2010 have cfd options? (i would really like to be able to use this feature).


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Much of what you'll find in the 2010 book will be 'forward compatible', so it's probably worth reading at least some parts of it. All the commands are pretty much the same, accessing common commands becomes more streamlined in the later versions. The biggest difference is OS support, which doesn't sound like an issue for you.

Don't forget youtube videos which can also be a great learning resource.

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learn SolidWorks 2016..if you are looking CFD.

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Thank you. I will start with learning 2010 version (again) but this time from an official book. So, I'll be sure that I know every little annoying detail, that I need to know to become an effective modeller.

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I found separate tutorial book for CFD in sw2016. After I remaster SW, I will try to get that book.

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