Assembly issues- parts disassemble

I'm a beginner to SW, especially for it's assembly. When assembling units in the Kant-Twist Clamp, whenever I'd mate, say a pin (Coincident) to the hinge, in order to mate to the other hinge it would leave the previously mated hinge for the other. I even tried the lock feature. Any tips? Im really new to this and this is for an assignment. Thank you.
Should I just make the following Hinges parallel to avoid this?

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try to mate another face or edge in the 1st part. Then it will not be flow in the space.

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A piece will need multiple mates to remain in the desired location.

The first piece into an assembly should be something which does not move, and you will attach other parts to it.

Always try to mate to planes and model faces. If that won't work, then try to use edges, lines, and axes. If those won't work you could use points and vertices, but try everything else first.

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Brother 1st follow solid works essential training courses available on youtube.

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What you did is true but, you should add another mate so as not to leave the first part .. For more, add the required coincident mate and another (parallel, concentric, prependicular, tangent ..) mate.

Hope it works

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