Attention students: How are you planning on using GrabCAD for your job search?

Did it already help you land a job? Leave your story in the comments.

We'd like to spread the word and help our GrabCADr students find success in the job market. All tips and stories are appreciated!

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This would be a great service if GrabCAD spread the word for new and upcoming talent to find work.....
The stage of a student finishing his education and getting there feet in the door must be the hardest task they will face due to lack of Industry experience on there CV's.
If GrabCAD could do more on promoting students that are finishing there studies soon and helping along the way in some sort or other.
Maybe have jobs page that potential employers could go to a certain page on GrabCAD and look @ peoples CV's or even have GrabCAD more like Linkedin would be a bonus.
The limitations are endless here for GarbCAD to try and promote students and would be another major step for GrabCAD to keep doing what it does best 'Working for the community it has built and striving ahead of every other CAD web site on the Internet'
GrabCAD is very student orientated and I would say for sure half this community is made up of students trying to better there skills and Interact with people working in Industry.

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I have two more years of school before I get a job so I have no idea what the possibility are (and I still have no idea what I want to do). For some reason I have not been able to get my fellow students as excited about GrabCAD but the UMKC Robotics team asked if I would help with their CADing. (everyone does know I have a GrabCAD and SolidWorks addiction I go to school 4 days a week and have 4 GC shirts and a mug) so I am trying to get them to try out Workbench. I am also going to continue to make great connections and friendships from this wonderful community, continue to learn and hone my CAD skills, and try and build a nice portfolio here. You can bed that link to my GC profile page will be on my CV/Resume.

If GrabCAD needs a more central office location be sure to keep me in mind ;) Kansas City is a great place for Engineers.

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I think my GC profile helped me for sure! I am at Engenious Design, an awesome startup now. We are actually looking for a Senior Mechanical Engineer to join our team as well as a few other positions.

Our Recruiter/Relationship Builder was asking me if GrabCAD may be a place to help find some good candidates but I am not sure if there is a good place to post jobs. I think this could be a great option to add to the page.

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There should be opportunities for students, as well as talented jobless Grabcadders to get attention to potential employers, both local and on international level as well. There should be an additional info of job interest and career level for every Grabcadder so that everyone could show whether he is jobless or having a job, his interest in specific jobs etc. It should also depict work level of each Grabcadder about where he is doing his job right now & what is his designation. Moreover, this info must be accessible to potential employers on a specific page or tab created by GC. The talent hunt will definitely done by the hiring companies. This will help, students as well as all the jobless community here on GC. Hope you like my a suggestion.

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GRABCAD is best cad community and well known. I have linked my GC profile link in CV , It is easy to know the cad skill of mine , when iam applying for design engineer position.

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