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Auto-cad Secret's Exposed.....!!!

By Sourbh on 07 Nov 02:43 33 answers 28504 views 19 comments

Hi guys This is sourbh again with the unique Idea to collect the all secrets of Auto-cad commands and feature's.

I uploaded this tutorial some day ago but there is a little mistakenly removal of this tutors. I hope you will love to work with auto-cad but it will become more interesting after you will know it "Deeply".
If you have any idea or a great tip to pass along...Here i am inviting all grab-cadder's to share your ideas with other users here in this page, This only work when we all share ideas and concepts.

Keep the mind blowing Ideas flowing in Grabby Sea, and Thanks to those guys who helped to find out the most solutions and secrets.


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33 answers

  • Sourbh
    Sourbh almost 4 years ago

    Today am gonna tell you the my most favorite secret for Auto-cad.

    Answered with a tutorial:

  • Sourbh
    Sourbh over 3 years ago

    Hi dear @ Abdul Haseeb Malik

    Here is your answer ..!!!

    Answered with a tutorial:

  • Uma Tatikonda
    Uma Tatikonda almost 4 years ago

    Hello help me to learn Autocad so quickly. I'm the new employee in a machine design company. They work on Autocad 2007.

  • TeySteer
    TeySteer over 3 years ago

    great tricks, Sourbh .. many thanks

  • Sourbh
    Sourbh about 3 years ago

    Wanna take a snap-shot of your work without wasting time in pressing the keyboard button- prntscr than paste it to paint and save it as jpeg file.

    If you are tired of doing this and need to show some one the work progress and don't want to send the CAD file than this command will help you for sure.

    The command is "JPEGOUT" which will creat a jpeg image file for your current drawing in approx good resolution.

  • Sourbh
    Sourbh about 3 years ago

    Mistakenly deleted entities, this command will help you to restore it without trouble.

    Command- "OOPS"

    restores erased entities, or entities
    made into a Block

  • Sourbh
    Sourbh about 3 years ago

    What about PURGE Command.

    This command will Removes unused Blocks, Text Styles,
    Layers, Line-types, and Dimension
    Styles from current drawing

  • Mike
    Mike over 3 years ago

    Any way to make this post sticky?

  • sagith
    sagith almost 2 years ago

    how to partially hide a block by placing another block over it(the second block is made up of polyline.wipe out doesn't work)?

  • Sudhir Gill
    Sudhir Gill almost 4 years ago

    My secret is using Draftsight Instead of AutoCAD. It's lighter and faster as compared to newer version of AutoCAD as Windows 7x64 doesn't support autocad2000,2004 etc.
    I accept that I am addicted to AutoCAD 2004 but can't get it in Windows7x64. That's why I had to use Draftsight.

    My tip for AutoCAD/Draftsight is that I use Boundary creation instead of PEDIT most of time. It also helps me in determining where is the open boundary.

  • Emmanuelle Montemayor
    Emmanuelle Montemayor about 3 years ago

    The secret is long time of hands on your computers, you will find the best approach in the long run. :)

  • Abdul Haseeb Malik
    Abdul Haseeb Malik over 3 years ago

    why AutoCAD when you have so many other fast and reliable CAD software?

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