Auto create a holer for a already designed part help

Is there any way to auto create a parting Line, or atleast a sketcharound your part, by letting it know the negative and positive faces. this part is very complex. im aware on how to actually do this with a simple part. but this part the positive surfaces jump a lot in depth. i will use draft analyst in my parting line feature like usualy but the parting line will generate only like 10 of the hundreds of entities going around the part. 3D sketch and converting Entities on the edge lines where the positive and negative faces meet will take forever due to this part having hundreds of surfaces. also, i really want only the bottom mold block if that makes it any easier. if i can get both great but i will be deleting the top mold block because what i really want to do is create a holder for a part toset the part in and take it out.. so its not really a mold, its just molding blocks are the closest thing i can think of. wish i could use swept cut but the part has to be a revolved extrude. linear pattern the part a bunch of times straight up will make my computer EXPLODE!. iv also tried to look at my part and just click and drag with the lines filter tool on to highlight all lines but this part has way to many extrudes, cuts, and features that there is more lines generated inside the outer contour than itself.. appreciate any ideas guys. thanks

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It'd really help to see the part that you are working with so I can understand the challenge better. Can you upload the model?

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