AutoCAD 2008 takes 30 seconds to open a file

On a Windows XP Pro SP2 machine with 2 GB of ram, AutoCAD 2008 takes about 30 seconds to open a file when on our systems about 2 to 3 seconds. When you check the processes, the CPU is system idle at 99%. User does have 2 GB or ram and a Pent 4, 3.40 GHZ. Any assistance offered for dwg repair or else would be greatly appreciated.

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It's hard to troubleshoot with the details provided. What are the difference between the computer which takes 3 seconds, and the computer taking 30 seconds?

I would not expect 2 GB of RAM to be enough. There may be a lot of writing to the hard drive as the system attempts to use virtual memory (which is much slower than RAM).

If the desire if for the files to open faster, upgrade to a Solid State Drive (SSD). They are MUCH faster than a traditional disc with rotating platters.

If currently using a rotating hard drive, what percentage of free space remains? Has the drive been defragmented?

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Most of the problems with AutoCAD data happen when person forgot or make unusual actions:

- don't have a backup copy
- installing new software, that can conflict with AutoCAD
- infection of viruses
- other reasons

I could suggest you effective, but method especially for severe crashing of data as DWG Repair Kit this solution provides many various ways to solve your issue on if one method doesn't effective, another will help you.

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