AutoCAD 2014 Property Inspector missing geometry information

Recently IT installed AutoCAd 2014 on my Desktop computer so that I could product test the software before it is installed throughout the company.

The Software appeared to install ok on my Desktop computer, however when they installed it on my Laptop, I noticed that the Property Inspector didn't appear to show the details that I required.

There is no Geometry Subheading showing object details and coordinates. And if you click on an object no new information is displayed in the Property Inspector.

Does anyone know what is wrong and how to solve this problem. I am guessing it could be a few simple steps but I havent been able to find a solution so far.

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I think that both are the same no information appears when you use the quick properties or the properties toolbar.

I have tried searching for a solution to this elsewhere and the only possible solution I have found, is to try reinstalling AutoCAD as it could be a possible bug caused by cleaner software installed on the computer. I am currently trying a reinstall of AutoCAD to see if this works.

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