autocad 2018 drawing file thumbnail preview not showing in windows 7 system

when I select a drawing file autocad version 2018, file preview not showing in system thumbnail place.

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Do you have any licensed antivirus in your system

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Uninstalling a previous version of the AutoCAD-based product.
Installing a new version of the AutoCAD-based product.
Saving a drawing in a different version of the product.
File is saved in an older file format (2010 or earlier), which handles thumbnail preview images differently.
File was saved as a WBLOCK.
File is set to not save a thumbnail preview image.
Windows Explorer view settings might be configured to not show previews.

Make sure the drawing file is set to save a thumbnail preview image
Check that DWG and BAK files are set to open with AutoCAD DWG Launcher
Fix registry keys
Make sure Windows is set to display thumbnails

hope this will be useful.

Dhanasekar V

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