AutoCad Civil 2015. Layer Manager problems.

Hello. I'm running AutoCad Civil 2015. I typically leave my Layer Manager docked to the side hidden. I double clicked on it's label when i was done at that moment (thinking to hide it) and it disappeared. I have typed in shortcut command 'LA', as I do when it is not docked, and it does not reappear. I have also shut the program and reopened to no avail. I'm sure there is a command for this problem, just don't know it. Thanks ahead of time.

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Hello Kegan,

this can help.

Go to Manage User interfase, ( CUI )

There you can select a workspace and on the right you wil see the properties of that workspace.
If you select pallets, you can open the tree and select layer manager.
Then jou can see al the properties of the layermanager, on your right below.
There you can change the behaving of the pallet.

For me it wortkt with the properties pallet in autocad 2017.



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