I have several drawings that were created in autocad 2010. However now I am using 2012, and the files will not open, and I get a message from autocad indicating that I need the DWG viewer to open the file. I downloaded the application, and installed it from the autocad website, but when I execute it, I get the attached error. Does anyone know if the view works with Win 7? Or a way to open and print my drawings?

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There are several methods how to try to open a corrupted AutoCAD drawing file.
• Use the Recover command
• Open the file and press ESC key just before Regeneration/Error message, save to DXF, load, save as DWG, Audit
• Insert the complaining DWG as a block into an empty drawing
• Open/save the DWG in an older version of AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT or Actrix

Take a look on following useful resources and knowledge bases: DWG Open File Tool

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