Autodesk Inventor: How to copy a disc with a cut-out?

Hello everybody,

I'm trying to copy a disc with a cut-out in it, but I can't. This should be quite easy, but I'm just an electrical engineer that out of necessity is trying to do mechanical design :p.

My Element should have a cylinder and two discs on the side. Each disc should have the same cut-out in it. I already draw the cylinder and one disc, now I try to copy the disc to the other side but I can’t. I have tried:

1.- to copy the body. Inventor copies the disc with the cylinder, but I can’t delete the second cylinder afterwards.
2.- to copy the area of the disc, but afterwards I can’t extrude the area.

Picture of my element:

Does anybody know how to do this? Many thanks in advance!


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2 Answers

thanks a lot Eugeny! That was exactly what I needed!

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