Autodesk Inventor Thread on Plastic Part Help

What is the best way of creating a thread for a plastic part? On container and on its cover.
Only 2 or 2 1/2 turns to tighten it.

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4 Answers

Check out the files. A little rough around the edges but I think you'll get the idea. With multiple "Starts" on the thread you can reduce the amount of revolutions required to get a tight fit. This is especially popular on milk jugs these days. In your models I have 2 thread # of starts on the cup and cap and it will close in about one full revolution. The assembly is constrained to show this. I hope this helps, Enjoy!

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Hi Nuno I have just seen this question I shall have a little go @ it later today for you and hopefully get it back to you @ some point tonight.

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Can someone add a thread to these items to connect them together. 2 turns to tighten it.

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