Automated Bun Feeder - Hamburger Bun

Very broad question right now, but here is the pitch:

A fast food chain is looking for a new way to feed hamburger buns through a restaurant grade toaster. Right now, after an order is placed, the worker will take note of the sandwich being ordered, confirm the bun needed for that sandwich, pick the bun up from the storage rack, and insert both sides of the bun into the toaster (top half is called "Crown", bottom half is called "Heel", Big mac is the exception in which it has the center bread part and it is called the "club")

These toasters are usually horizontal fed, but the US market is pretty split and sometimes they will use the vertically fed style. (please see link below for toaster pictures.) They are looking for a machine which could be loaded with bun pillows (described below) and then the operator could be freed up for other activities.

- There are 4 different styles of buns
- They come delivered in 'pillows' which is a flat rack of 30 buns.
- Info will be fed into machine via POS.
- Needs to have minimal interaction for worker. (load hopper and forget)

Anyone have any kind of ideas or expertise working with food and automation? Looking for any information that could be useful,

I greatly appreciate any and all help.


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