Axle weights on vehicle model/assembly

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I am working up an assembly for a vehicle which has limits on the allowable axle weights for legality and roadworthiness.

I have a mass sensor and centre of mass working, with alarms for going over a target amount of gross mass.

Currently I am calculating the axle weights by measuring the distance from the centre of mass and applying a ratio of this weight to the axle based on the distance from the centre mass and the wheelbase of the vehicle.

I would like to know if its possible to create a mass sensor at the front and rear axle which shows the weight as a function of the distance the axle is from the centre mass.

A formula might be (for example)
FrontAxleWeight = GrossMass * (1-(FrontAxleDistanceFromGrossMass/WheelBaseTotal))

I can measure this distance in the assembly but the measurement itself doesnt stay there and change as the weight changes. Havent figured if this is possible.



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you could try to to use that dimension as a global variable (in equations)

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