Ball drop drillable plug urgent inquiry

This is Fuad from Azerbaijan.

I represent a company INTEC LLC which locates in Azerbaijan and supplies equipment for oil producing companies.

For now our customer urgently requested for ball drop drillable plug which can be set in wellbore. After setting the plug need to release running tool and pump some cement on top of the plug. It needs to be done in one run. Below is criteria that we were requested. I would appreciate if you recommend us which plug of your manufactured is good for required criteria.

· Temperature: 100 C

· Pressure: maximum 3500 psi

· Can pump through plug before drop the ball

· Can pump/circulate through plug before drop the ball or during RIH

· Run, set plug, release and pump cement should be done in one run

· Fluid type for circulation: KCL, brine, SW

· Will be run on tubing

let's make additional comments for more clarification:

Therefore will be need to modify on your products;

· Slips needs to expand minimum sizes as shown in attached schedule.

· As this will set in open hole, they don't need to have more pressure difference as 10K. 3K pressure difference is good enough.

· As this will set in open hole, during setting process do not need to pull for release or rotate pipe, needs only ball drop, set, release, pump cement and pull in one run.

· Delivery time of these products to Baku,Azerbaijan

· Cost for plugs(in the first batch will need minimum 15-20 plug)

· Manufacture time for these amount

You are welcome for your opinion and feedback.




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