basic motion and motion simulation take lots of time or crash in solidworks

whem using basic motion and motion simulation in solidworks 2017 , its taking lots of time and also get crashed for some time.
if any additional setting or best practice for basic motion or motion analysis, so please share it.

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2 Answers

The specs you listed are good, but they do not tell the whole story. For example, a 1Tb SSD drive could be filled to the point of being slow, or the system could be running out of swap space on the drive.
An nVidia card can be good for SolidWorks if it is Quadro based, or it may function to a lesser degree if it is intended as a "gaming card".

Sadly, there is no setting for "make my SolidWorks crash less often when I am working.
In general, SolidWorks is a pretty stable program. In my experience, the causes of crashes is most often related to the following two primary causes:
1. Hardware incompatibility. Check to be sure your graphics card (and drivers) are supported for your SolidWorks version, and operating system.
2. Other running software. Shut down ALL other programs and services that are running when troubleshooting the system. Any program can be a suspect. I had a system that closed SolidWorks every 20 minutes. I finally figured out it was when Outlook checked for new emails.

There is also the possibility that the files you are working with are very complex, and nearly any system would be slow working on them.

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