bath mold part

your bath mold drwg is wrong please check the section on the vertical dimensions 113+30=143mm and on the right 121+9+11=141 so please correct the sketch section drwg with your client and give me the right dimensions.I look forward to hear from you soon.see pdf. Only if you have same angle line without dimension and a lot of tangency points are missing but is possible to not be wrong but who can answer me ..... Sorin

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I agree that many dimensions are missing, so I believe they expect us to guess?

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Sorin, you can play with my model named "lavabo" .
It is a forming tool for sheetmetal to make a washbasin from thin sheetmetal plate. It's easy to change a dimensions but you must not to erase a little bit which is small, if you erase it you get a errors in forming a part. Tricky isn't it.
Before making big changes save to another name open it and erase forming tool. when you finish your design employ fomring tool again and save it in design library in directory named "forming tools". It's quicker to use this form tool.
Of course, you must predict a right dimension of crude plate when you make a real part!

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