Before uploading files to GrabCAD do you ...?

Before I upload a model to GrabCAD, I will "flatten" the file so to remove the feature tree and convert into a single body, great for STL and general public use. Again, this makes it a usable single body but not editable in the features list.

1. Is this best practice when donating for ~free~ to GrabCAD?
2. Are there many other SW users who do the same to preserve any ownership?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Tommy we all share out models for other to have edit and learn from as it is good for peps that are starting out with CAD to download models and go through the tree browser to learn for them self. In saying all of that it is totally up to your self what you want to do with your model when you upload it to GrabCAD.

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I would upload all the original CAD files (assembly files and part files) compressed into a zip file. I would also upload an stl file as you describe and upload a generic file such as IGES or Parasolid for those who use different CAD systems.
Apart from STL files, converting assemblies into single parts doesn't seem to be required as file size is not a problem.

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better convert to parasolid or IGES file, or in a compress to winrar, it's all up to you,

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