Bending in overhang pinned beam

Which Beam structure to go with if i want minimum bending in an overhung beam.

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There is more to just they type of beam to minimize the bending of it. There are many factors such as how its fastened down, how much overhang there is, the material and weight, the load on top and around the beam, and many more.

Could you post a picture of the exact scenario possibly?

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if you have some knowledge in FEM and topological optimization you can have less weight with less binding.
there are ansys and Abaqus these two programs can help you

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As others are hinting at, your question is loaded with allot of unknowns.

What is the environment; size restrictions/harsh chemicals/ambient as well as any MIN/ MAX temperatures...
Where are you loading the beam relative to the fixtures/fulcrum?
Is it a live or dead load?
Do you have options for various materials?
What fixtures are you using?
What are you tying into?

And then you get into safety issues...
Will there be an individual hanging from beam?
Will there be individuals under the load?
FOS requirements?

There is allot to it, thats why they have PEs that do structural engineering and sign their names to it.

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