Bendlines doesn't appear in catia drafting

Hello everybody
I have alot of sheetmetal parts made by inventor in the past ,
All parts i have was .stp files
And i chande it to .catpart

, my problem is when i make unfolded view in catia drafting , the bend lines didnot show, just contour lines.

I trying alot of things but didn't work like

Note: 1: when i make sheetmetal in catia and trying to make unfolded view (drafting) works good

2: works good in another computer (the same catia)
3:i was trying "properties --> view --> dress up --> axis and hidden lines and so on " didnot work too :(

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4 Answers

Do you have the 3d model friend? try to send me a copy of your model!!

have a good day!!

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and if you have a copy or something drawing, with the bends please try to send me, and your model!!! I will check your model, and if something its happening!!

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Very thanks to you bro , it's kind of you
But that is in the factory and they didnot accept to take it to my home
So i can't upload it cuz i don't have it

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OK dont worry, try to attach a picture of the issue, I mean the drawing!!!! and if you have the dimensions of your pice, to give me an idea, that will help me more, to check and I will try to send you my opinion!

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