Best 3D laser scanner for surveying historic buildings

Hello, I am looking for a way to document historical buildings with high details, what i found until now is Faro and z+f companies, could you tell me is it possible to convert cloud points captured from 3D scanner into 3D solid model ? also i couldn't find how long does it actually takes to scan a building lets say around 1000 m² as a reference.
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If you are looking for low-cost solution for spatial scanning archeological objects, I would recommend you photogrammetric method using a usual high resolution camera.
What is up to laser scanning, I guess Faro is well known as a low-cost scanning system supplier. There are other suppliers such as Leica Geosystems, find the local distribution in your region and ask, if they satisfy your tasks and pocket.
Cloud points are being used to generate those SOLID models, that's what they are captured for))).
The scanning time generally depends on the scanning solution you are using in process, and on your scanning skills))). Good luck!

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