Best free 3D drafting program?

Hi, first I'd like to introduce myself, I'm Tom, I just recently created a profile, and I'm a ME student at RIT. I think this community is the greatest thing since sliced bread

Now I have a lot of CAD programs under my belt, but they're all programs I could never afford, and only have educational licenses for them. I want to try to pick up some commercial work doing drafting, and want to know if there are any CAD freeware programs out there (3D). Thanks guys!

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For freeware you might be interested in Google Sketchup, while it is not a commercial CAD/Cam program it is free and has many modeling functions that other products have. It is limited however, but if you get the pro version then you can export in 3D and open in another 3D drafting program. My personal preference is Solidworks however, it a paid program.

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If you know anyone who has a full license you should ask them if they have any extra seats. It never hurts to ask. I am currently running a seat on my personal laptop that my employer wasn't using. Also some seats can be installed on any computer, but one the number of licenses purchased can be used at the same time. I am not sure what you do but google sketch up won't take you very far.

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Yeah, I was looking for a more polished program, I've tried Sketchup, and like you I'm hooked on SolidWorks. However, for whoever is interested, Autodesk's 123D and PTC's Elements 4.0 Express are both free licenses, with no non-commercial use clause. (PTC's program has a 60 part limit on parts in an assembly but thats not a big deal for me) I'll get back to you on how they both work

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