Best laptop for CATIA V5 for aprox $1000?

I might be getting a laptop soon, and I want to get the best one I can for the money. I don't think I can spend more than $1200 or so.
What cpu should it have? Are more cores more important than clock speed?
What graphics card should it have? Is the cpu + RAM more important than the graphics card?
What brand is best for CAD?

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is a list of certificated hardware, but I think you need more money :(
My experience:
- Better Intel than AMD, problems of my students only with AMD
- grafic card is the most important, better than every consumer GPU is NVidia Quadro... or ATI Fire...
- seach the list above, if YOUR GPU has a certificated driver.


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What cpu should it have? Are more cores more important than clock speed?
choosing the cpu is going to be based on personal prefrence. Intel has great technology but amd is powerful and is also very affordable. If you are on a budget and do not want to waste a large chunk of you're money on the processor, then go with amd. Good power and great price.

Are more cores more important than clock speed? Im not sure exactly. Having more cores is always a good thing but that should not be the deciding factor. Before I chose my cpu I went to tigerdirect, and newegg. I pulled up the data and every cpu for sale on those sites. I compared the cpus and also read the reviews. You will be suprised to see that sometimes the most expensive cpu with the most cores is not always the best. do you're research on the cpu before you buy it. and if you can spare the 50-60 bucks to get the next model cpu, go for it.

What graphics card should it have?
That is also a preference question. what I can say tho is that I see some compatibility between nvidia and 3d softwares. There is a special program called octane render. It is one of the fastest rendering software available. and it utilizes cuda core technology. cuda cores is only available on nvidia cards. I have always used nvidia products. And I have never had any troubles with any cad based software.

Is the cpu + RAM more important than the graphics card?

I think that the cpu and video ram should be a the primary focus. Being that most of the processing power will be used in calculating and projecting the cad data onto you're computer screen. Also keep in mind if you are going to be using dual monitor or hi resolution screen. then it is important to use a good video card.

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The laptops with Intel i5 and i7 processors can also be used for CAD. In Fact, they are the perfect options for students and the architects on budget. But, make sure that you buy the laptop with quad-core CPUs because dual-cores are considered to be very weak to handle CAD and CATIA V5 applications. You can find all the quad-core i5 and i7 processor model numbers and their detailed comparisons in our guides to buy the laptops with i5 processor and laptop with i7 processor.
Well, if you are into 3D modeling and complex CAD works then we would recommend you to buy a mobile workstation laptop for yourself. They will be costly, but all the CAD applications will just fly on those laptops.For more details visit:

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