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Best laptop for solidworks and inventor and showcase

By john white on 15 Apr 18:45 7 answers 1 comment

I am going to purchase a top of the line laptop and I use all 3 programs. Any suggestions on which is best?

7 answers

  • Manolis Theofilos
    Manolis Theofilos over 5 years ago

    you need cores, ram and a professional gpu like an nvidia quadro or ati fire.
    A core i7 with 8 gb of ram and a gpu from the ones mentioned above will do fine.

  • Andreas Gkertsos
    Andreas Gkertsos over 5 years ago

    I would advise you to invest more money to a powerfull CPU... i have 8gb of ram and never seen it over 50%.. My cpu is an intel i7 2630QM 2.9ghz and when i do a flow simulation, i can hear some noise and the clock is stuck at 100%...

    1. Get a powerfull CPU
    2. Get a powerfull GPU (as Manolis mentioned above)
    3. With 8gb of ram you should be fine (Except if you want to model an aircraft with every single part on it.. Then you should need a bit more )

  • Aled J Taylor
    Aled J Taylor over 5 years ago

    If you are willing to sacrifice RealView Graphics, you do not need powerful graphics capability. A 17" screen is good. You do not need a large amount of memory or hard drive capacity. CPU is most important. A low end laptop is not brilliant but surprisingly, it works OK (if you want so save a lot of money).

  • Rohit Mitra
    Rohit Mitra over 5 years ago

    Typically if you're going higher end laptop, SolidWorks users will go with the Dell M6600 or HP8760 . If you want something lighter the Dell 4600, HP 8560w, HP8460w.

  • john white
    john white over 5 years ago

    thanks all. I have spec'd out a Dell M6600 and will probably go with that.

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