Best technique to make a robotic lego f1 car

I am trying to use a class lego car f1 car that transforms into a robot (sort of like transformers), trying to merge the wheels, front and rear wings to transform into a bot
for educational purposes and also trying to win a Makerbot Replicator 2 3D printer...
any ideas/suggestions?

3 Answers

Is this using just existing lego pieces or are you making an animation that would be impossible in the real world?

using existing lego pieces, something similar to:

Well, the best lego transformers I have seen have the plating fit together (not connected, just overlapping) to provide a fairly robust shell with the hinges internalised. In something that scale I would recommend not using pin connectors for the major hinges but try to make use of axles fixed at multiple points. If a very sturdy joint is needed then see if a turntable will fit, otherwise focus on reinforcing it. If a turntable or gear is used in a join, putting another gear next to it which is connected to a double fric pin with axle (part 32054) will make the joint slightly sturdier. If stuck, you could always resort to the Bionicle Ball-Cup connection system for some of the troublesome plates.

In the final model, you will likely lose suspension, the engine and if you manage to keep steering, it will probably be very flimsy.

When you finish this please message me a link to some images if you upload them to the internet.